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SNK and Kräftner at the TOCA ME design conference


SNK and TOCA ME look back at many years of cooperations and collaborations. More than ten years ago we contributed to the conferences exhibition space for the first time. Back then with a real-time live VJ-tool custom developed for a munich-based musician and his tour around the world from the New York over Helsinki to Tokyo.

Now this year we felt like turning away from digital for once and going for a very physical experience, while still keeping things highly interactive.

So we teamed up with the incredible Andreas Kräftner and made our hands very dirty. No 3d-printing, no lasercutting. Just a few saws and people with patience like there’s no tomorrow.

At the conference day we handed out classic Eddings and encouraged all visitors to mess up the pure white workplaces and paper-hardware. One of the two desks we kept empty. And that’s how the “before” and “after” still stands in our office today. 

If you have 2 minutes,
check out the short documentary video:
And here is a little bit making-of material:
What would you like to build from paper and cardboard?